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For over 2 decades RAMM Animation and RAMM Productions have created quality cartoons and TV productions. First in Mexico City and then in Miami Beach, RAMM productions have been used in commercials, television series, music videos, special effects for film and TV, corporate videos and web sites. Television series included six seasons of Plaza Sésamo, the Spanish language animations for Sesame Street distributed to 17 countries worldwide. Films have included the animated series Mafalda by the renowned Argentinean cartoonist Quino, which is currently in distribution for television. Music videos have included the works of salsa stars Willy Chirino and Jerry Rivera. In addition, RAMM has done commercials for clients all over Latin America and the UA covering many of household brand names.

Rafael Andreu (RA) and Monica Melamid (MM) founded RAMM 20+ years ago. With a clever name, creative dreams and ever changing digital technologies, RAMM was many things to many people but ALWAYS connected to art and technology.

Very sadly and very untimely, Rafael Andreu passed away on November 22, 2010. Without him at the helm, RAMM Animation will go through some changes. We must acknowledge with sadness the change and regroup.

Thank you for all of your support and we welcome your comments and look forward to working together again.